Price can vary greatly dependent on your requirements and the location.

Please remember when enquiring to state when, where and the purpose (e.g. wedding, static photoshoot etc).

(Please note: This vehicle is not for self-drive)

A souvenir certificate is provided with each experience


Chris Hawes

1981, VIN # 05255


Milton Keynes

Work Radius:


For enquiries and quotations contact: 

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“Hey Chris,  I’m just writing to say that I had an absolutely wonderful and unforgettable time at my prom and it’s all thanks to the way I arrived there!

First off, the DeLorean was amazing and everybody else thought so too, I even got called a "legend" by one of the staff. The way it pulled up on my drive I honestly think I briefly died at the thought of actually getting into a real DeLorean from 1981. I am still gob smacked to this day.

Secondly, you were just about as awesome as the car!
You are so polite and made me feel like we had known each other for years (which could be true, you DO have a time machine!).

Thank you for driving a very long way

to take me to what is probably to best day of my life. My only regret is that we didn't go up to 88 and end up at the prom, but in 1985. Thank you once again” - Michael Rawe

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