Price can vary greatly dependent on your requirements and the location.

Please remember when enquiring to state when, where and the purpose (e.g. wedding, static photoshoot etc).

(Please note: This vehicle is not for self-drive)

A souvenir certificate is provided with each experience


Chris Hawes

1981, VIN # 05255


Milton Keynes

Work Radius:


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Setting the scene:- Tomís 30th birthday surprise involved him inviting 30 friends and each was given a year where they had to then dress in fancy dress of a person well known for that year. Tomís close friend, Doc was given 1985.  Doc wanted to be Doc Brown which led him to hiring me and the car to arrive in style. Tom is the Elvis character by the way. As Doc was being driven into the grounds of Tomís house, he was able to fully take in the crowds reaction whilst I was squeezing the 6ft wide DeLorean through the narrow gaps.  After all the initial reactions I then took Tom out for a quick run before everyone went inside to enjoy the rugby. 

Docís experience is highlighted below:-
ĒDear Chris, I just wanted to say thanks for last night. You have no idea how well it all went down and Tom was absolutely thrilled even if I did completely steal the limelight. His father got everyone outside by telling them that he wanted to take some photos of the guests outside the house. The timing then worked out freakishly well - as they all got outside Tom said: 'where's Doc?' and then as a flippant joke said 'how funny would it be if he turns up in a DeLorean' - it was at exactly this stage that he heard the car and assumed that it was his TVR. Classic!Ē  - Doc Brown

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