Price can vary greatly dependent on your requirements and the location.

Please remember when enquiring to state when, where and the purpose (e.g. wedding, static photoshoot etc).

(Please note: This vehicle is not for self-drive)

A souvenir certificate is provided with each experience


Chris Hawes

1981, VIN # 05255


Milton Keynes

Work Radius:


For enquiries and quotations contact: 

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“I wanted to do something truly memorable for my husband David's 40th birthday...”

“From the minute the idea came into my head and I contacted Chris I knew everything would be amazing.  I wanted to do something truly memorable for my husband David's 40th birthday.  The plans went smoothly and I could hardly contain my excitement when Chris text to say he was 10 minutes away.  David had no idea and was blown away when he saw the car pull up outside our house. Our neighbours and friends all came out to see the car and were amazed at what was making all the noise.  It gave me such pleasure to do something so special for my husband and can't thank Chris enough for a very professional and friendly day.  Truly awesome”. - Lynn Marland

“Wow!  I have always dreamt of owning a DeLorean the last thing I ever expected was one to drive up my street and park outside our house.  The whole experience was amazing. Chris was very accommodating and his knowledge and enthusiasm a pleasure.  The icing on the cake was driving round our local area, arriving at the restaurant and being greeted by friends and family.

Thanks again Chris for a truly memorable and most special birthday surprise I’ve ever had. I would like to thank my wife Lynn for organising everything and managing to keep it a secret for so long”. - David Marland

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