Price can vary greatly dependent on your requirements and the location.

Please remember when enquiring to state when, where and the purpose (e.g. wedding, static photoshoot etc).

(Please note: This vehicle is not for self-drive)

A souvenir certificate is provided with each experience


Chris Hawes

1981, VIN # 05255


Milton Keynes

Work Radius:


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My new wife and I wanted to add that extra bit of sparkle to our wedding, so she ordered some fancy decorations, and I hired a DeLorean!

Well, what can I say.  I wanted the day to be nothing short of spectacular right from the start and what a way to start. Of course, it helped that my best man happened to own a DeLorean and an immaculate example at that!

From the minute Chris pulled up outside the house, heads were turning, curtains were twitching and windows were rattling from the rumble of those tremendous exhausts.  The ride to the church was exhilarating to say the least, and was a great way to distract from those pre-ceremony nerves.

Whether they were capturing the car or the groom, Im not sure, but the sight of camera flashes all around as we pulled up to the church felt like Id achieved celebrity status overnight. The photographer took the opportunity to snap some great pictures for our wedding album before we stepped out of the gullwing doors and prepared for the arrival of my beautiful bride.  Thanks for a great experience Chris and for getting me to the church on time in such an outstanding and unforgettable way.

Best Wishes Mark & Sam Steele

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