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Chris Hawes

1981, VIN # 05255


Milton Keynes

Work Radius:


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Troy Knight explains his perfect prom night with a little help from Chris Hawes and his DeLorean DMC-12



       words and photos: Troy Knight

My prom night went perfectly thanks to Chris Hawes. On the drive towards the hotel on the A30 we almost missed the turn off with Chris having to sharply slam on the brakes before turning the car around.  The engine was screaming as we pulled in to the entrance with everyone running out of the hotel to see who it was. It was perfect, with everyone asking me about the car and even my Motor Vehicle Studies teacher said, “I thought you were joking when you said you were coming in a DeLorean!”

When the party was over I could hear the DeLorean pull up to the main door with everyone wondering who would be going home in this amazing car.  I casually walked up to the car and swung up the gullwing. My friends were asking me if Chris was my Dad! A friend was being taken home in a Porsche 911 which pulled up next to us.  I asked when it was made and the Porsche owner said “this year brand new”.  Chris and I joked that it hadn’t even gotten out of its nappies yet and that we were in a mature car with history. Luke’s Dad started to rev the Porsche with a couple of vrooms from the flat 6. Then, after a pause, the thunder came from tail pipes of the DMC-12.  That certainly put the Porsche in its place...

Thank you so much Chris!
Troy Knight

 Main Photo: A night to remember and all ready to 
 go as Troy is taken to his prom night in style

 Right: Behind the wheel of Chris Hawes’ DeLorean

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